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Cannot believe I just had a good experience around the topic of lice. Heather and her team treated my son and within two hours he was lice free. Heather even gave him a little science lesson on lice. My son was fascinated by looking at the bugs under the microscope. (I couldn’t look. Guess it’s a boy thing.) Anyway, the service and the facility (kids get a kindle to watch movies while they’re treated!) exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Heather, for making a frustrating thing feel like no big deal. Highly recommend.

Nicole L.Miami, FL

This clinic was amazing. I had never dealt with or seen lice in my life and when my daughter got it this clinic was a life saver. Heather was amazing and sweet and so professional. My daughter got treated and left lice free Guaranteed. I really am thankful for this clinic because what seemed to be a nightmare got taken care of with much kindness.  My daughter was provided with a kindle so time went by very quick. Sharon checked my son and myself and thankfully only the girl had to get treated . I highly recommend this clinic. I never have written a review but like me I’m sure some parents don’t know what to do !!!!*

Claudia A.Miami, FL

Heather is an example of what a customer service and experience is all about from end to end. Understanding your kids emergency need, providing the proper summarized key info and giving you agile actionable alternatives. Staff is very sympathetic, knowledgeable and people oriented. Two thumbs up !!*

Rodrigo J.Miami, FL

My experience was great! It was a relief to be in the hands of experts. The clinic is impeccable and the staff is super friendly and professional.
I definitely recommend Lice Clinics of America ~ Miami to everybody. Thanks for saving my head and hair!*

Rebeca L.Miami, FL

I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find Lice Clinics of America. After finding lice in my daughter’s hair and taking her to an alleged “expert” only to find lice again in a few days, I thought we’d be living with this problem for months. Nothing seemed to work (vinegar, OTC shampoos, specialists)…you name it, I tried it. And then we found Heather of Lice Clinics.

Everything about our experience here was phenomenal. The facility is clean and pretty. More importantly, Heather is extremely knowledgeable about lice and has all of the cutting edge technology to combat it. It was interesting to learn about the treatment offered, which is the only one of its kind in Miami so don’t even bother with those other lice treatments. This one actually works in dehydrating the lice and eggs.

On top of that, Heather goes out of her way to really help your family get lice free and offers the support when you feel beyond frustrated. Do not think twice about visiting if you can’t get your lice problem in order. You will not regret it.*

Stephanie C.Miami, FL

Normally I’m able to take care of the head lice at home my self with in a few days but this time. I just couldn’t handle it. After a week of going through my daughters hair day after day I kept picking the knits out and they were getting better. By the end of the week it was worse again. I caved and went to the one near us which was an hour away.*

Natalie B.Miami, FL

This is the best thing to happen to Miami! Our lice nightmare was resolved with one treatment!  We were on vacation and discovered that our daughter had lice. I had heard of the heated air device years ago on a newscast and immediately searched in the Miami area and found this nice, modern and efficient clinic.  We were given a rush appointment since we really wanted to get back to our fun in the sun.

The treatment was safe and painless. The ladies there are experts at combing hair! What’s really amazing is seeing dead lice on paper towels as they showed us what was coming out. On top of that, guest services were on point. We had access to free WiFi and our daughter was kept entertained with a kindle.

On Check out I found out that they offer a very good military discount since I am a retired veteran.  Very few businesses are that considerate anymore. Finally, since we were hungry, we are at a good Spanish restaurant in the same building on the way out. Yummy. But I’ll review that later. If you ever get lice, don’t deal with the hassle yourself, let these pros handle it quickly! Thanks for saving our vacation.*

Ryan G.Miami, FL

Thank you for your professional and friendly help! I appreciate all the informational knowledge you shared for prevention and facts about lice as well!
The place was clean and inviting… and my daughter thought we were at a hair salon! The hands on child friendly electronic devices were amazing and helped keep my kids occupied!
The technician and owner were great, knowledgeable, patient, and meticulous… I’m confident our family is free and clear of lice!*

Jacqueline M.Miami Beach, FL

After hundreds of dollars spent on worthless prescription and over-the-counter so-called remedies, hours turned into days of combing and a near emotional breakdown, I came across an AirAllé provider. I happily went to her to receive “treatment” and wished I had known of her before I wasted so much time and money.*

Jane M.Miami, FL

I had to take my kids to Lice Troopers 3 times. One visit to Lice Clinics of America and the problem was solved. And they are super nice. Awesome.*

The JaysMiami, FL

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